Combining creativity, craftsmanship and excellent customer service for Maryland and DC clients.
Here at Potts Construction & Design Group, we make sure that the job is completed from beginning to end and that our customers are happy with the quality and craftsmanship throughout.

We specialize in residential homes with designs that reflect our clients’ personality and lifestyle.

By including touches like stainless steel appliances to beautiful hardwood floors, we can help create your dream home.
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Remodel Your Kitchen to Suit Your Needs

There is more to a kitchen remodel than just chosing countertops or tiled flooring. Always consider the options,
features and colors that will benefit your family for years to come. The most expensive tile or granite countertops
will not give you the satisfaction you crave after all the work is done.

* Does your kitchen have ample preparation space?
* Can the kids do their homework while dinner is being prepared?
* Do you have to move countertop appliances in order to slice a turkey or roll out some dough?

As a licensed remodeling contractor in Maryland and DC, we can help you with the answers to these and other questions so you can make the right decision on your kitchen remodel.

Enhance Your Home with a Bathroom Remodel

As with a kitchen remodel, your bathroom should look nice as well as fulfill all your needs. How would you remodel your bathroom? Consider some of these ideas for your next bathroom remodel:

* Do you like to take quick showers or enjoy a nice long bath?
* How many people share the bathroom mirror in the morning?
* Do you want to remodel an in-suite bath?

Remodeling your bathroom should give you some of the deserved pleasures in life. Do you want a home bath spa or a half-bath in the basement, we will remodel your bathroom so it will meet your current needs now and in the future.
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If you are renovating a residential or child occupied facility built prior to 1978, you must hire a Lead Certified Contractor to perform the renovations on your home.A Lead Safe Firm must perform the renovations if the renovation activities disturb more than six square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior lead paint.